Coral Island is a re-imagined farm sim game set on a tropical island that is inspired by the classics.

You're finally leaving Pokyo behind and moving to Coral Island. Grow crops, nurture animals, and befriend the islanders. Decide whether to revitalize not only the town, but also the surrounding coral reefs. It may get tough, but stick with it, because the island is ripe for change.


Process Notes

Stairway Games is a new studio recently founded in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, with a widely distributed multinational team. Paperback Studio was tapped to handle the game's editing needs. I serve as lead editor, with my colleague (and mother) Sandra also working as an editor on the game.

In addition to editing all the character dialogue, we also developed the game's style guide, setting out formatting and style preferences to be used by all writers and editors on the project.